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My last print release closed March 1. My next print release is in May. That means we're not taking any orders at this time. The best way to keep updated on new releases and special discounts is to join my mailing list. Subscribers also get early access to new releases.

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Fine art prints that will make you gasp.

Museum grade printing

About what I do.

The people and scenes I create are fictional, nostalgic depictions of places I’ve been, people I’ve met or hoped to one day meet. Nothing is real, they are figments of my imagination, brought to life with words, photos and illustrations using artificial intelligence. They are not paintings, nor are they photographs, they are my dreams brought to life on paper. I’ve been a photographer and storyteller for over 25 years and I come from a family of artists, yet I’m learning new ways to create every day. And that’s what this is. Since I started creating this work people want to know exactly what my process is, and I understand, but I’m fundamentally uninterested in breaking down what I do into particles, dissecting something almost always kills it. Everything you see here is made up by me, it’s fictional imagery created using AI, but just like a character in a movie or your favorite novel, I hope these people move you in one way or another, and if they don’t, that’s ok too, then they were not meant for you.